Communities need to be well maintained – offline as well as online. Our Community Management helps you to build your forums and their virtual communities, to moderate them and to keep their interaction going.
Pay close attention to your target group!

A digital community works just like in real life: people talk and exchange ideas. But having your own online community has the decisive advantage that opinions and reviews can be followed and evaluated directly. You will thus receive valuable statements from your target group.

Our services

  • Conception
  • Building the community
  • Support
  • Moderation
  • Theme palnning
  • Support
  • Evaluation

Your advantages

  • Precise insights into the target group
  • Direct user contact
  • Spreading your own voice
  • Crisis management
  • Brand strengthening
  • Community members as natural multipliers

What is community management?

Community management is part of a company’s marketing strategy. Both operational and strategic tasks are part of the work of a community management agency. Unlike social media management, which is, in many cases, closely linked to community management, the content is more like a tool to create customer loyalty, rather than in the foreground.

Community management is about generating and expanding a virtual community around your business idea and about creating the best possible company’s reach. Companies could achieve this through social media community management, i.e., strengthening and looking after a community within social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, or through building a completely independent community platform.

The main task of a community management agency is to strengthen and expand the virtual community continuously, to provide it with regularly added value and to ensure the constant support of all activities within the community. As an online marketing and community management agency in Berlin, we can help you to realize your ideal online community in the long term.

Our services as a community management agency


The basis of personal management is a clear concept, which in the first step is developed by our community management agency in close cooperation with the customer. The focus is on the precise definition of the target group. And also the clarity of a uniform tone with which this target group is encountered within the community. The following questions must be addressed in the course of this:

  • Who is the target group?
  • Through which channels can it be reached?
  • How is it addressed? Formal? Or more relaxed?

The goal is to lay the foundations for smooth communication within the community with clear guidelines. Established rules also determine how to deal with potential violations. Therefore, the guidelines are equally important for future members of the community as well as for the community manager.
This preparatory work is also highly relevant concerning potential crises. In crises, in particular, action must be taken quickly and reliably while maintaining an overview of the community. takes over the professional communication as a community management agency and immediately initiates the measures defined in advance with you.

Building the Community

Once a clear set of rules has been designed to cover all potentially occurring violations and crises and when a uniform tone has also been established, the community’s active development can begin.

There are two options for our customers: A community can be built and maintained within existing networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. However, it is also possible to create your own community, for example, in the form of a forum or a completely independent website., as a community management agency, offers both options. We would be happy to advise you individually in advance about reasonable procedures for your company.

In social media community management, i.e., looking after a community via existing social networks and building an independent community, the focus is initially on generating members. The goal is to create an emotional bond that repeatedly draws potential members to your community and motivates them to interact. Content with added value, addressing the target group directly and actively encouraging the community to exchange ideas are convenient means of strengthening the virtual community.

Marketing your company through various channels also creates a communicative reach that not only supports the growth of your community but also strengthens the global presence of your company in the media and thus establishes you as an expert in your area on the market.


Once the community has been established, support is the main component of community management. Especially if a community has not existed for more extended periods, it is crucial to keep the interest of the newly won members in your community and to ask your target group to participate.

The basis for this is high-quality and relevant content that is continuously published on your platform. As a community management agency, we are glad to be responsible for creating content for you and taking care of the text, image and video content for your target group.

Of course, this is done in consultation with the customer and is adapted to the guidelines agreed in advance. If several social platforms are supported, the content is also aligned to the respective network. Daily updates make you a reliable source for relevant news from your industry. Contests and other interactive promotions can also promote community activity and further increase your reach.

With exclusive insights into corporate processes, introducing your employees or an illustrated tour of the office, you also create a real correspondence to the virtual world, strengthen the emotional bond of community members with the company and collect sympathy points within social networks.

Here, too, does not decide anything on its own: You decide what should be shown and which action might seem too offensive.


When there is a lot of interaction, and more members join the virtual community, there can occasionally be conflicts, inappropriate statements and violations of the community guidelines. Therefore, the main component of community management and social media community management is the moderation of your platform. Rule violations and inappropriate content have to be tracked down, removed, their authors pointed out and, in the event of repeated misconduct, even the member has to be expelled from the community. provides you with competent community managers, if desired, seven days a week and 24 hours a day, who keep an eye on the activities of your community and interfere if necessary.

Our goal is to promote a constructive and harmonious exchange of knowledge within the community, besides dealing with the violations in a determined but friendly manner.

Theme palnning

Continuity is essential for the successful existence of an online community. Only relevant and current content gives the community the motivation for fruitful discussions and a lively exchange. Only relevant and up-to-date content gives the community the motivation for fruitful discussions and a lively exchange with one another.

To guarantee this input, we offer you long-term and structured content planning. We prepare varied and high-quality content for your target group in topic plans made in advance, tailor them to the respective channels and publish them on the respective platforms when they are released.
We also take care of daily updates, which we actively research and publish immediately after a short consultation with you.

Community management and social media management are closely linked, especially if the community exists within social networks. It is therefore advisable to plan both areas together and to coordinate them. is therefore happy to offer you support in both areas to guarantee a uniform and uncomplicated handling of your community.


As a community management agency, we count communication with community members as one of our core tasks. To gain the trust of your community, it is essential to always be available as a contact person for questions and to be able to offer efficient solutions in the event of a problem quickly.

Professional tools help us to deal with massive rushes of comments in a structured and effective manner. Copy Paste is a no-go in community management. That’s why we value personal greetings and responses that are individually tailored to your community members.

The active appreciation of the community should not be neglected, especially in social media community management: Constructive contributions and comments should be noticed by you as a company – that’s why is always looking for relevant activities within your community and shows through Likes, comments and shared posts your presence on the social network.


Both in the development phase of a community and beyond, it is important to observe how your reach develops, what is popular with the community and which areas can still be improved.

  • Which topics work? Which doesn’t?
  • Which platform generates the most community members? And what does that say about the target group?, therefore, takes over the detailed evaluation of the activities on your community platform, always keeps an eye on changes and trends, and offers regular status reports on the status of your community and our work as a community management agency.

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On the operational as well as the strategic sector, we are by your side with our experience. We support the development, continuous maintenance and constant optimization of your community, and we’re always there for you even in stressful situations.

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