For more than 20 years, GmbH made its name as one of the well-established companies in the online marketing field, not only in Berlin and Germany but also internationally.

Benefit now from our knowledge and know-how in digital marketing!

Nowadays, the world is progressively taking place online. We link, inform and exchange information on the net and in social media networks. Anyone who is not present or isn’t found on the Internet loses a high proportion of potential customers. With its endless expanses, the Internet also offers endless possibilities. Over the past few years, everyone’s media usage behavior has also changed significantly through social media. You and your company should respond to this with online advertising to reach your current and future customers!

You probably feel that you are just starting and need experts who are at your side when it comes to online marketing. Or you have already implemented marketing measures and are now noticing that there is a long checklist ahead of you. What’s missing is a project manager who monitors and aligns the process.

In both cases, you can contact us! We are your rescue for online marketing measures, from advertising to SEO to YouTube.

What can achieve for me?

The Internet offers a massive selection of different target groups that you can address. The trick is to find the right channels to get in direct contact with your potential customers. We will advise you to achieve your communication goals with your potential customers through suitable online marketing strategies.

If you want to affect other people, you first have to talk to them in their language.

– Kurt Tucholsky

From the individual sub-areas of online marketing, we develop an overall concept tailored to your needs because the right mix does the trick!

Why should I use an external online marketing consultation?

Right from the start, every entrepreneur has a specific vision and image in mind, which should be brought out to address new customers. You have thought it through to the smallest detail of how customers should perceive you and your brand. But this is only one side of the coin because there is an essential correlation between your own wish and the actual execution, which should not be left to chance.

As a neutral observer, is the right partner for online marketing consultancy in Berlin and Germany. We take a step back and look at your company from the outside and completely honest. We analyze your online presence and show you the potential for optimization. Together, we create a marketing mix of aspects that are particularly important to you, whether search engine optimization on Google, Google Ads or E-mail marketing.

Our online marketing consultancy provides a new perspective and a fresh start.

online Marketing consultancy

Our Services

  • Strategic advice
  • Competitive analysis
  • Development of online presence and search engine optimization
  • Digital reorientation
  • Cross-channel overall concepts
  • Action planning
  • Budgeting

Your advantages

  • Professional development and strengthening of your online presence
  • Customer acquisition
  • Addressing target groups
  • Brand strengthening
  • Image building
  • Sustainable success

We attach particular importance to this as an online marketing consultancy

Authenticity: A brand is only in demand and successful as long as it is credible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small company or a global player. Through sensitivity and many years of experience in consulting and online marketing, we have developed the talent of how you can give your company authenticity and thus permanently retain customers.

Identity: Behind every company is a personality. Our advice is focused on giving your brand an unmistakable identity or character. That way you can stand out from the rest of the competition, because only those who have substance and stand out can stay in the fierce competition.

Sustainability: Good online marketing consultancy should always aim to generate long-term success for you. We react to new trends and opportunities in online marketing. However, it is just as important to us to create a solid foundation for you with the help of established strategies.

Movement: standing still is going backward. That is why you should start developing a well organized online marketing strategy as early as possible. Do not delay constant planning. We’ll help you now so you can get started immediately.

Are we the right agency for you?

Among a large number of online agencies in Berlin and Germany, it is not always easy to find the right one for you. If your answer is yes to the following questions, then we can fit together.

  • I run a small or medium-sized company / I am a sole proprietor or a founder.
  • I need online marketing experts who can advise me and determine relevant marketing channels to reach my target group and, thus, new customers.
  • I’m looking for online marketing consultants who analyze and evaluate my previous marketing activities.
  • I want honest and constructive advice that deals openly with my company’s past weaknesses.
  • I want to involve myself in the online marketing world and I am aware that it’s an ongoing process.

How does the consultation work?

First contact by email or phone:

If you are interested in our online marketing consulting services and our philosophy, please call us at: 0049 30 555730720 or send us an email. The fastest way to get first information – without obligation for you.

Free online marketing quick check

To get a first impression of your company and your digital marketing activities, send us an overview of the channels that you are currently using.

For example, these could be:

With a trained eye, our consultants in Berlin can immediately see where the weaknesses are and which online strategy is best for you. After the initial consultation, which is free of charge and non-binding, you can then decide whether you would like to hire us.


If you have ordered an online marketing consultation from us, then after a first phone call and the Marketing QuickCheck, the request for an extensive briefing follows. Most of the time, our consultants raise a few questions during the initial interview that you may not have been fully aware of, and then a detailed briefing will follow.
Meet on-site

Depending on the desired scope, a meeting can take place in Berlin or optionally at your location after the briefing. Here you can get to know us personally during a conversation.

Online marketing consultancy with – Contact us now!

We do not sell pre-made packages to our customers. We are convinced that individual online marketing consultancy is the only right way to success.