Nowadays, the challenge is to find an optimal combination of the many media channels to achieve your goals. Media planning is the entire planning process for the targeted use of mass media such as television, radio, magazines and the Internet for advertising. The terms scatter-advertising or advertising media planning, are also frequently used for this branch since it deals with the definition of media and their optimal use. – your online media agency in Berlin

As an online media agency in Berlin, focuses exclusively on media planning in the digital world. Cross-channel online media planning enables a multi-sensory approach to target groups via different online media platforms. With the help of professional online media planning, various online measures are brought together in this sense. As an online media agency in Berlin, the goal for us is the optimal use of an advertising budget within a company’s communication goals. These can include increasing awareness or increasing sales.

Our services

  • Status quo analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Theme analysis
  • Target group analysis
  • Media mix creation
  • Keyword analysis
  • Resource analysis
  • Cost calculation

Your advantages

  • Definition of goals and objectives
  • Guiding principle
  • Media mix
  • Measures and recommendations for action
  • Communication guidelines
  • Task distribution and process control
  • Success criteria (KPI)
  • Time schedule

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Online Media Agency Berlin – Using a channel means winning

The chances that an advertising message will be well-received increase when addressed via several relevant online channels. The more diverse the selected channels are, the more different end-users are addressed. A consistent idea is vital for cross-channel online media planning. Online channels are therefore integrated in terms of time, form and content. Content is also networked for advertising and editorial purposes.

What Questions does an online media agency ask itself before media planning? 

  1. How much budget is needed?
  2. Who is the target group for the advertising campaign?
  3. Which advertising message should be conveyed?
  4. What are the suitable advertising media for the campaign?
  5. Which advertising medium should be used?
  6. Where and when should the advertising be played?
  7. At what frequency should you advertise?

As an Online Media Agency in Berlin, we are there to analyze and answer all the questions ideally. Following this planning process, the advertising campaign is implemented.

To achieve cross-channel communication’s potential, it is important to develop a company-specific and individual strategic approach. – your online media agency in Berlin – has a primary goal, and it’s to integrate a wide variety of online instruments into an overall campaign.

Important terms explained – by your online media agency in Berlin:

In online media planning, the key figure of the media reach or coverage indicates the number of target persons that can be reached through an advertising campaign. The medium, the target group and the time frame should always be taken into account when determining the media reach.  The first contact that a target person makes with the advertising medium is a crucial factor.

This term is used frequently in online media planning and online media agencies. It indicates how much budget has to be used to reach 1000 people of a target group with the respective advertising measure.

For example, if you would like to place banner advertising on the Internet, we, as an Online Media Agency Berlin, will determine the price that would result from 1000 ad impressions.

Gross Rating Point is a factor for evaluating advertising, which comes from television advertising and can be used to compare advertising media. It is a key figure that is created by multiplying contact opportunities and reach.

For example, if 70 percent of a defined target group is reached and each target person has seen the advertisement four times, the GRP value results from the multiplication of 70 percent and 4, the GRP value is 280.

As an online media agency in Berlin, we use this indicator to evaluate various online media plans with different contact opportunities and reach.


The intermedia selection deals with the selection of individual advertising media. The advertising medium groups can be characterized based on various criteria and evaluated according to their suitability for achieving the communication goals

The criteria of intermedia selection include:

  • Function for the user and usage situation
  • Frequency of publication
  • Reach and distribution (quantitative/qualitative)
  • Temporary availability
  • Position in the media mix
  • Data sources
  • Market performance and economy
  • Production costs of the advertising media

The intramedia selection deals with the choice of advertising media within an advertising media group.

The selection criteria for intramedia selection include:

  • Range of the medium
  • The credibility of the medium
  • Image of the medium
  • Usage price and cost of the medium
  • Availability of the medium
  • Editorial and advertising environment of the medium

Why is media planning online instead of offline?

As an Online Media Agency in Berlin, the goal for us is to contact the right target group at the right time with a sufficient number of advertising campaigns and at the lowest possible cost for the customer. Accordingly, the budget is the crucial starting point for any online media planning.

Performance marketing on the Internet not only offers excellent opportunities to monitor success but also to plan the success of your advertising campaigns. With the help of predictable key figures based on our many years of experience as an online media agency in Berlin, your progress can be precisely planned and your advertising budget can be used efficiently and effectively!

10 good reasons to choose online media planning

  1. Very high range
  2. Precise targeting
  3. Low production costs
  4. Hardly any wastage due to targeting
  5. No media break
  6. Strong measurability due to tracking
  7. A quick way to optimize campaigns
  8. Contact dosing with frequency capping
  9. Cross-media effect
  10. Locally based services

Online media planning and integration strategies for social media

In addition to the basic strategy, we offer you as an online media agency the integration of the social media channels used. With this option, various social media channels are checked and evaluated. The social media platforms play a subordinate role in the basic version, here the focus is on social networks.

Younger groups, in particular, can be addressed in this way. Thus, the main idea of ​​the cross-media campaign is advertised via blogs, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Content from different networks is linked to each other in a similar way to the basic strategy, which means that a message has a greater reach.

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