With more than 20 years of experience in online marketing consulting in Berlin, onehundred.digital clearly stands out as a special online marketing agency in Berlin – because we were really there from the beginning!
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We are specialists in online marketing consulting and the implementation of online marketing strategies. Whether strategic or operational, the onehundred.digital online marketing consultants are your specialists for the planning, implementation and evaluation of digital campaigns.

What is Online Marketing?

Today, it is more important than ever to place companies in the online market. With a professional online marketing strategy and the right online marketing measures, lasting success can be achieved.

A good online marketing agency creates an individual marketing mix for your company by knowing all relevant internet marketing channels and analyzing them for you. The synergies resulting from the linking can then be used optimally.

In recent years, the spectrum of online marketing has evolved steadily. However, the classic online marketing measures continue to include:

Would you like to be found on Google on page 1?

Then search engine optimization (SEO) is just the right thing for you! Through our targeted optimization in the technical and content areas of your website, you can gain enormous visibility in the Google search in the future.

By this you are not only searched for but also found with your keywords far above. Did you know that only about 1 percent of German internet users look to the second page on the Google search?

As a SEO agency in Berlin onehundred.digital offers you the complete SEO package. From an individual SEO consulting and SEO strategy to monthly SEO support – with our team of qualified consultants for search engine optimization, you can quickly reach your success.

Learn more about search engine optimization with onehundred.digital – your online marketing agency Berlin!

Would you like to advertise on Google? Then search engine advertising (SEA) is the right choice. Through the advertising system Google Ads or earlier Google AdWords, paid advertisements (ads) are displayed alongside the unpaid search results. The great thing about it is that you only pay when a visitor clicks on your Ads to reach your website.

onehundred.digital helps you as an experienced Google Ads agency to optimize your advertising in Google Search. By regularly analyzing and converting your ads, we get the maximum out of your media budget. With the aid of SEA, you can reach your potential customers exactly as you are looking for them.

Learn more about search engine marketing with onehundred.digital – your online marketing agency Berlin!

Nowadays it is no longer enough to be present on the Internet only with a website. In order to address a wide range of target groups, companies should primarily focus on the relevant social media networks!

Here, exciting content can be distributed to the web and you´re able to react directly to the response of potential customers. If you neglect Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Co. in your marketing strategy, you miss an essential platform for your target group.

onehundred.digital specializes in social media marketing and community management. Our team develops suitable social media strategies and looks after your community professionally and with specific know-how. Trust our years of experience on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Position yourself on social networks and get in touch with your fans in real-time.

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Would you like to inspire your target group and establish yourself as an expert in a specific industry? Then you should focus on Content Marketing right now! Here, the content is the focus, while the advertising aspect is reduced to a minimum. Use exciting content as a customer magnet for your company.

onehundred.digital creates authentic contact with your target group through unique and creative content. Our team creates exciting content on frequently-searched keywords to meet potential customers for relevant search queries.

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Do you want to start a digital campaign and need professional help with online media planning?

Then you should contact us now! Thanks to our many years of expertise in the online segment, we are happy to take over the planning, budget distribution and taxation of your online campaigns. With the aid of predictable key figures, we can plan your success in contrast to offline marketing and thus use your advertising budget efficiently and effectively!

onehundred.digital identifies the perfect weaving environment for you and places your advertising message exactly where it is to be seen – precisely at your target group.

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Would you like to win new customers and continue to bind existing ones to your brand? Then e-mail marketing, also known as newsletter marketing, is indispensable. Inform subscribers about news, special offers, or special services, and increase your conversion. Compared to other marketing measures, newsletters are a relatively cost-effective and fast alternative to stay in contact with your customers.

onehundred.digital not only develops modern newsletter strategies but also produces the appropriate content for you. Our services include the dispatch and evaluation of the newsletter campaigns. This is how we achieve maximum success for you!

Learn more about e-mail marketing with onehundred.digital – your online marketing agency Berlin!

Do you want to place your advertising where your target group is most frequently on the web? With Affiliate Marketing, you can achieve fast and proven success. The principle is simple: website operators provide free advertising space for third parties, which can be booked.

onehundred.digital profits from an extensive network of affiliate partners through many years of experience. Our team looks for the most relevant platforms for you and places your advertising there. By regularly monitoring the affiliate programs, you can also optimize your advertising placements.

Learn more about affiliate marketing with onehundred.digital – your online marketing agency Berlin!

Here you will find many more exciting offers, which we offer you as an online marketing agency in Berlin. Discover the complete range of services!

What are the goals of online marketing?

The goal of every online marketing agency is to draw the attention in the web to the Internet presence of the respective customer. Furthermore, online campaigns have the following positive effects:

  • The brand name of the customer is increased.
  • Low dispersion losses thanks to the precise target group approach.
  • Long-term commitment to the target group.
  • Increased visibility in the net.
  • Website visitors are made to customers.
  • Taking off competitors through creative online marketing.
  • Successes are measurable and transparent.

Why choose onehundred.digital as an online marketing agency Berlin?

onehundred.digital impresses with many years of experience and the gained know-how. We are an online marketing agency in Berlin that develops efficient, innovative and individual solutions for each of our customers, whether it´s a small start-up or an established company. Our online marketing consulting in Berlin is always sector-specific and tailor-made.

As an online marketing expert, we stand by your side and work out your strategic goals as well as your desired external impact on the net. To maximize your potential, there is no one-dimensional campaign at onehundred.digital.

As a serious online marketing agency, we are especially keen to ensure that we always work transparently. You, as a customer, can keep track of all steps during the entire cooperation and thus keep an overview.

Do you want to be a step ahead of your competition?

onehundred.digital – Your online marketing agency in Berlin is waiting for you!

What makes us special is our unique mix of classic and modern online marketing. We always look beyond the box and try out the unconventional. Our online marketing consultants in Berlin are always familiar with cutting-edge specialist knowledge from the industry to stay on the pulse of our times. As an online marketing agency in Berlin, we are passionate about new trends, but our work remains sustainable and forward-looking.

Through analytical thinking, passion and attention to detail, our online marketing consultants in Berlin get maximum success from existing customer budgets.

Our success formula: Professionalism + Creativity + Endurance + Responsibility = Quality


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