WhatsApp is a better way to reach customers and build loyalty to your company, product or service

WhatsApp marketing refers to any form of marketing communication that is sent via WhatsApp Messenger. These can be questions from customers or messages from a company with offers and news, for example. The classic example for news and offers is the WhatsApp newsletter or an alternative to WhatsApp broadcasting. The latest addition to the WhatsApp toolbox is WhatsApp Channels, a new alternative to the WhatsApp newsletter and broadcast function.

WhatsApp marketing makes it possible to establish a particularly personal connection with your customers, as the messenger is used by many to communicate with family and friends. Due to this peculiarity of WhatsApp, customers are expecting a more personal type of advice and conversation than they are used to from email marketing campaigns, for example.

The advantages of WhatsApp marketing
Reach, 82% market share, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in Germany (2022, Statista)
Customer proximity
Uncomplicated communication
Real time
High opening rate
High ROI (return on investment)
The typical use cases of WhatsApp marketing
Appointment bookings
Order confirmations
Offers and vouchers
Status queries
Passing on information
WhatsApp marketing with onehundred.digital

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Our services

Consulting (WhatsApp Business App or WhatsApp Business Platform)
Conceptual design
Set up WhatsApp Business App
Setting up WhatsApp channels
Target group identification
Channel design
Content maintenance
Maintenance contact list

Your advantages

Target group-specific orientation
Personalized contact
Fast communication
Immediate measurability
Regular customer contact
Brand strengthening

WhatsApp Business App

This is best suited for small and medium-sized companies that want to be accessible to their customers and offers the following options.

Create a product catalog
Store opening hours and links to website
Quick answers
Personalized labels for contact assignments
Automatic messages
Setting up a channel (WhatsApp channels)
Can be used free of charge

WhatsApp Business Platform/ WhatsApp Business API

An interface that allows companies to connect their WhatsApp Business account with other platforms such as a CRM, e-commerce systems or other marketing software products. The only way to use this solution is to build an interface yourself or to find a service provider who takes care of it.

The WhatsApp Business platform offers the following options:

WhatsApp Newsletter
Templates for sending newsletters, offers or other communications
Automate flows
Use company number with any number of devices
Integration with various CRMs and other systems
Use of chatbots
Extended functions in the area of customer support
100% GDPR compliant

Restrictions due to GDPR

Companies are not permitted to send messages to a large number of contacts via a private WhatsApp account. This was banned in December 2019 to protect users and ensure that the platform is mainly used for private communication.
That’s why Meta has developed two business solutions.

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WhatsApp marketing with onehundred.digital

As with all other marketing strategies, the overall concept must be right for WhatsApp marketing. We use our many years of experience to help you design appealing WhatsApp business profiles and channels and thus offer your customers added value.

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