Who produces appealing social media content?

Social media thrives on content. So far, so clear. But what exactly is this content? Especially on Instagram, but also on newer platforms such as TikTok, a picture or video is much more important than just text.

When scrolling through the Instagram feed, it becomes clear: people pay attention primarily to images, the content of the text box fades into the background and is only really read when the image already has their attention.

But an eye-catcher also ensures that followers stay longer on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. and thus more impressions.

As a social media content agency, we not only help you to identify the right content for the various platforms, but also to produce and publish it.


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What makes good social media content?

As always in online marketing, the questions come first:

Who is my target group?

How do I want to sell my company?

What is my goal on social media and which channels do I need to use to achieve it?

Once these questions have been answered, content marketing can begin. It is important not only to convey a good brand image to followers, but also to stand out from the crowd and offer added value for users.

The perhaps somewhat stiff company credo is conveyed to new potential customers easily and beautifully packaged through appealing photos and videos as well as interesting storytelling and a sophisticated social media strategy. Our social media marketing experts make sure that your content reaches your followers in simple words.

Thanks to ad blockers, conventional marketing and advertising through online ads hardly have any effect on potential customers, but the situation is different with social buzz. How social media marketing becomes viral advertising naturally depends mainly on the content.

Interesting and original content with added value for customers is shared and achieves a reach on social media beyond the people who already follow you. Content creation directly at the customer’s premises not only gives us the opportunity to create good content, but also to get an impression of the customer’s working methods and working atmosphere. This also gives us the opportunity to fill our social media posts with even more life, with voices and moods that we can experience for ourselves.


What are our services as a social media content agency?













  • Creative social media concepts and editorial plans
  • Creation of individual and creative social media content
  • Planning
  • Video content production
  • Social media image production
  • Post-production
  • Posting of texts, images, videos
  • Ads campaigns

What are your advantages?














  • Unique content from Berlin
  • Postings from a single source
  • Added value for users
  • Identification with your company
  • Positive brand image


Social media has also become an integral part of online marketing, which is why we also use our experience as an agency to produce photo and video material.

After consultation and briefing with you, we take care of everything from planning to post-production and publishing online.


How does a typical social media content production process work?

A social media content production for social media platforms consists of three parts: Planning, production days and post-production.


What do you want to film, what message do you want to get across to the customer, which employees are best suited for this? We clarify precisely these issues with you during the planning stage.

Regardless of whether you have a precise idea that needs to be steered in the right direction or still need inspiration as to where the journey should take you, together we will create a sensible editorial and content plan.

Production days:

Once the “when, where and how” has been clarified, the work with the camera begins: camera, tripod, microphone, light and, above all, lots of batteries. This is our standard equipment with which we come to your company or location. This enables our trained staff to produce as much and as varied photo and video content as possible in a short space of time.

If you are wondering what this content looks like, the answer is: it depends entirely on your wishes!

From office and team shoots for LinkedIn or “behind the scenes” images for Instagram to video content production for video formats such as Instagram TV or Instagram Reels. We realize your ideas and put them in the right light and in the right context.


Incorrect lighting conditions, an empty plastic bottle in the background or sensitive content that should be censored. This all happens in post-production. Once small errors have been corrected, we take care of the look of your social media images. For Instagram, it is a good idea to use standardized preset settings to align the feed not only in terms of content, but also aesthetically.

Here, too, we will be happy to develop a concept and a design that suits you.


What happens after content production?

When all the images are ready and you and we are satisfied, all that remains is to share the result with the community on social media platforms with the right text.

As a social media agency, we are also happy to do this for you. Community management allows us to keep a direct eye on the feedback from your followers and target group and respond to it.

Depending on your requirements, we have put together various packages for digital content from Berlin. Simply send us an e-mail and together we will find the offer that suits you best.


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