WordPress interface programming with onehundred.digital

WordPress interface programming with onehundred.digital

Personio is a popular HR software that supports companies in the management of digital HR matters. Personio supports digital processes in HR with functions such as applicant management, employee database, onboarding processes, time and attendance management, payroll accounting and much more.

The integration of Personio into WordPress enables companies to combine the advantages of both platforms. WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that is used to create and manage websites. By integrating Personio into WordPress, companies can seamlessly integrate HR functions digitally into their website.

Integrating Personio directly into WordPress offers various advantages. Companies can integrate application forms directly and digitally into their WordPress website. Applicants can then enter their details and upload CVs, which are automatically recorded in Personio. This makes the application process more efficient and the data is managed centrally.

In addition, companies can use the Personio integration in WordPress to display employee data and information. Employees can submit their personal data, leave requests and other HR inquiries directly via the WordPress website. This provides a user-friendly interface for employees and reduces the administrative workload for the HR team.

The integration of Personio in WordPress also enables better collaboration between HR and other departments. For example, team leaders or supervisors can use the WordPress website to provide feedback or ratings for their employees, which are then recorded in Personio. This facilitates performance appraisal and promotes communication within the company.

Overall, the Personio integration in WordPress provides a seamless connection between HR functions and a company’s website. Companies can optimize their HR processes, improve the application process, increase employee satisfaction and facilitate internal communication.

Personio’s data system is integrated via the XML interface provided by Personio, which is an API whose aim is to enable a smooth exchange between systems. For this reason, all software solutions that want to use the information from the Personio backend must adhere to the specifications of the API.

For the integration, a software solution is implemented in WordPress that can handle the XML interface and is based on the API specifications. In addition, this software can be individually adapted to the company’s requirements during the development process in order to provide maximum support for digital processes. Once Personio has been integrated into WordPress, no further software or plugins are required to display the information from the Personio backend on the website, so the integration is an all-in-one solution for the website.

In addition to WordPress, Personio can also be integrated into other applications such as ERP systems or e-commerce solutions, but in each case a separate integration must be carried out.


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