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Vacancies | Online Marketing Expert (all genders) – SEO & Content

Online Marketing Expert (all genders) – SEO & Content

As an online marketing expert at onehundred.digital, you will develop holistic SEO & content concepts for our clients. And you increase the reach of our customers.

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Online Marketing Manager

About onehundred:

onehundred.digital – Your online marketing agency in Berlin

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Online marketing from the heart of Berlin.

Benefit from our knowledge and know-how!

Companies without an online presence are truly rare, but companies whose elaborately designed websites cannot be found online are all the more common. The competition for successful search engine rankings is getting tougher every year, and finding the right online strategy is becoming increasingly difficult. The days of “hands-on” self-made websites and online marketing campaigns based on the motto “I-know-someone-who-does-that” are long gone. Instead, far too much money is often spent for too little result.

Online marketing belongs in the hands of experts. User behavior has changed significantly as a result of smartphones and social media and continues to change as a result of technological progress. Have you ever thought about whether your company or your products can also be found via a voice assistant search? And did you know that only around one percent of German Internet users even click on the second page of Google search results?

In-depth knowledge of the online competition, long-term strategic planning and a professional online marketing strategy are the key to sustainable success. We would be happy to advise and support you. After a thorough analysis, we design a customized marketing mix for your company and your products.