Affiliate marketing is a form of advertising based on the classic commission business. Website operators provide free advertising space for third parties. Depending on the industry and interests of your own target group, you can select websites to place your advertising on. Thanks to large providers, it is possible to benefit from well-developed partner networks and position your advertising in the best possible way.

Advertising that only costs when it brings something: that pays off

If a potential customer reaches your website with the help of your affiliate partner and makes a conversion, a predetermined commission is paid out. To your advantage, because you only pay when there is either an actual turnover or another measurable success, such as a registration. Using the latest tracking methods, codes are assigned to all advertising media so that it is possible to track exactly which affiliate partner website the customer came to you from.

Our services

  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategy consulting
  • Creation of advertising material
  • Partner program setup
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Updating advertising material
  • Reporting

Your advantages

  • Cost transparency
  • Costs only if successful
  • More Traffic
  • Brand strengthening
  • Little wastage
  • Measurability

Affiliate programs with provides you with an overview of the constantly growing market of suitable partner programs and finds you cooperation partners relevant to your target group. With the help of many years of experience, first analyzes the possible competitive environment on the current market in order to then use your potential in exactly the right place. We work together with well-known affiliate marketing providers and take care of the entire coordination for you.

Because in the end, only advertising that pays off counts!

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