Email marketing, also known as newsletter marketing, is an efficient way of getting in direct contact with customers and staying in touch in the long term. You can offer your customers company-related added value with interesting content.

Newsletters are modern customer care in the digital world!

Email marketing allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your customers. Product presentations, news, job offers or other interesting content can easily be sent to customers or interested parties who are already paying attention. Send personalized advertising messages and increase your website traffic and sales. Whether regular newsletters or occasional e-mails, inform your target group about new events in your company.

To spam or not to spam, that is the question!

With the advent of e-mail marketing, the evil of spam mail unfortunately also emerged. Many users are therefore frustrated when they open their clogged mailboxes. It is therefore all the more important to stand out from dubious newsletters and create trust. This is the only way to avoid ending up in the junk mail folder and not even being noticed as a company.

Our services

  • Conceptualization
  • Target group definition
  • Newsletter design
  • Autoresponder setup
  • Address list maintenance
  • Selection of shipping tools
  • E-mail dispatch
  • Legal advice
  • Reporting

Your advantages

  • Target group-specific orientation
  • Personalized contact
  • Fast communication
  • Immediate measurability
  • regular customer contact
  • Brand strengthening

Email marketing with

As with all other marketing strategies, the overall concept must be right for email marketing. We use our many years of experience to help you design appealing newsletters and thus offer your customers added value. We help you to comply with the legal requirements for e-mail marketing and avoid ending up in the next spam folder.

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