OpenImmo is mainly used in the real estate industry in Germany. It is a widely used data format that is supported by real estate portals, broker software solutions and other real estate software applications.

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Some of the platforms and software solutions that support OpenImmo are:

  1. Real estate portals: Many real estate portals in Germany accept OpenImmo data from estate agents and real estate providers. These include well-known portals such as ImmobilienScout24, Immonet, Immowelt and others.
  2. Broker software: There are various broker software solutions that support OpenImmo and help brokers manage their real estate data. Examples of such software are FlowFact, OnOffice, Estate Office, FLOWFACT, TopM, Makler 2000 and WISO Makler.
  3. Content management systems (CMS): Some content management systems offer OpenImmo integration via special plug-ins or extensions. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS and offers various OpenImmo plugins such as WP OpenImmo or OpenImmo2WP.
  4. CRM systems: Customer relationship management systems for the real estate industry can also support OpenImmo. Such CRM systems often offer functions for managing real estate data, contact management and customer acquisition. Examples include FlowFact, OnOffice, Estate Office and ImmoTop.

It is important to note that OpenImmo is primarily used in Germany and is therefore widely used in the above-mentioned platforms and solutions in Germany. In other countries and markets, different data formats and platforms can be used for the exchange of real estate data.

The OpenImmo integration in WordPress makes it possible to import and display real estate listings and real estate data from OpenImmo-compliant sources on a WordPress website. OpenImmo is an XML-based data format that is widely used by the real estate industry in Germany. It standardizes the exchange of real estate data between different software applications.

To use the OpenImmo integration in WordPress, there are various plugins and extensions that have been specially developed for this purpose. These plugins offer functions for importing and processing OpenImmo data and for displaying real estate ads on the website.

The typical workflow for the OpenImmo integration in WordPress consists of the following steps:

  1. Installing the OpenImmo plugin: First, the corresponding plugin must be installed and activated in WordPress. There are various plugins to choose from that offer OpenImmo integration.
  2. Configuration of the plugin: After installation, the plugin must be configured. This includes settings such as the path to the OpenImmo file, access data for data import and possibly other customizable options.
  3. Import of OpenImmo data: The plugin usually offers a function for importing OpenImmo data. This can either be a manual import, where an OpenImmo file is uploaded, or an automatic import, where the plugin regularly searches for new data and imports it.
  4. Data processing: Once the OpenImmo data has been imported, it is processed by the plugin and converted into a form suitable for WordPress. This includes mapping the property data to corresponding WordPress database fields and creating WordPress posts or pages for each property.
  5. Display the real estate ads: The imported real estate ads can then be displayed on the WordPress website. This is usually done by adding special shortcodes or widgets provided by the OpenImmo plugin. These make it possible to insert real estate lists, search functions and individual real estate details on the pages of the website.

The exact functions and options of the OpenImmo integration may vary depending on the plugin used. It is important to choose a reliable and well-documented plugin that meets the requirements of your WordPress website.

If no suitable plug-in can be found, you have the option of developing your own, tailored directly to the respective project.

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