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Seven questions for getting started with professional social media content production. With PodCast #6

At first glance, content production for social media doesn’t seem like a big deal: a quick snapshot, a filter, an innocuous caption and a few hashtags – and the post is ready.

However, anyone scrolling through the feeds of professional influencers or official company presences, especially on Instagram, quickly realizes that good social media content is complex.

Professional feeds follow a uniform aesthetic, the individual posts speak a certain visual language. The captions also follow a textual style and are rarely spontaneous inspirations.

Andreas Oertel and Simon Boe | Podcast recording

If social media is to achieve reach and be perceived as part of a company’s official brand presence, coherent storytelling with creative and high-quality image and video material is essential. There is a lot of work behind it.

Simon Boé and Andreas Oertel discuss in the podcast what makes a successful social media content production.

What makes good social media content?

In order to produce high-quality social media content, seven questions should be clarified before the start of each campaign:

  • What is my goal? (reach, image, competence, etc.)
  • Who is my target group? (age, socio-cultural background, region, etc.)
  • Which channels make sense to reach my goals and my target group?
  • What tone of voice do I want to use to present my company?
  • Which types of content (video, podcast, images, guides, etc.) are suitable?
  • Which topics interest my target group?
  • What specific information offers my users/readers added value?


Simon Boé and Andreas Oertel | Podcast recording

Once these questions have been answered and the direction has been set, the actual content marketing can begin. The central element for an appealing brand presence and aesthetic added value for social media users are appealing photos that convey the company’s core values with their own visual language and high recognizability.

Interesting storytelling always picks up users where they are emotionally and in terms of information (product and use known? Product and possible uses unknown? Need recognized? Benefits of the product not yet recognized?) to get them to interact and engage.

Interaction and engagement can be: likes, comments, links or sharing or saving the post. Images and captions are the first introduction to the topic of a social media post. Therefore, they should not be too complex and should be written in friendly everyday language so that the central message reaches users without hurdles.

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