Influencers are a permanent fixture in online marketing. Their fan bases are loyal followers who follow posts – both paid and unpaid – every day on social media such as Instagram. According to recent studies, the market volume for influencer marketing in Germany, Austria and Switzerland amounts to around EUR 990 million. We have been following the brand marketing trend for a long time and know exactly how to spread your brand messages digitally to your target group with the help of influential influencers.

Where does the term “influencer marketing” come from?

The term “influencer marketing” is made up of the words “influencer”, which means “influencer”, and the word “marketing”, which can be translated as “advertising”. This is a form of advertising on social media in which influential people promote products or companies to draw the attention of others. Sponsored content is particularly well-known and widespread on Instagram and YouTube.

In the true sense of the word, these high-reach individuals can be found in both analog and digital form. A teacher who recommends a particular local stationery store to all students at the start of school can be just as important to that business through word-of-mouth as social media stars with a million followers promoting big brands. It is important that the relevant target group is reached and the company gains presence – on Instagram and in analog life.

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What criteria do we use as an influencer marketing agency to select influencers?

There are a few requirements that an influencer should meet in order to be included in our influencer marketing database. We check and evaluate potential opinion leaders according to the following criteria:

  • Reach
  • Interaction rates
  • Target group and community
  • Image
  • Comments
  • Growth rate
  • Posting quality
  • Uniqueness
  • Cooperations
  • Channels

Thanks to our many years of experience in influencer marketing, we benefit from our knowledge and intuition for suitable social influencers. Authenticity and a good working relationship with the customer are our top priorities.

What are the goals of an influencer marketing agency?

With successful influencer marketing, your company or brand benefits from the positioning of opinion leaders online – brand awareness and brand visibility are significantly increased.

Influencer enjoys … Brand wins …
  • Influence
  • Credibility
  • Reach and followers
  • Expert status
  • Authenticity
  • Independence
  • User loyalty
  • Target group and topic affinity
  • Attention
  • Awareness
  • Influence on the social web
  • Networking with new platforms
  • Visibility through permanent storage of contributions
  • New ideas from multipliers and readers
  • New opinion leaders

Why should I hire a professional influencer marketing agency?

As an influencer marketing agency in Berlin, we have extensive experience in influencer marketing and act as coordinators and managers between companies and influencers. We help build your brand and establish direct contact with your relevant followers on Instagram, for example, with our authentic and popular influencers. With our multipliers, we strengthen the reputation of your products on all desired channels.

Influencers in social spaces – recorded in the database

The database includes influential influencers from social networks, blogs, communities and forums from over 20 industries, including

  • Automotive industry
  • Vacation and travel
  • Handyman
  • FMCG (cosmetics, food, beverages)
  • Oil and chemical industry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electricity and energy industry
  • Packaging and design industry
  • Architecture and construction industry
  • Telecommunications

The database provides an optimal basis for influencer activation. The platforms are automatically recorded and regularly updated using the analysis tool, as well as manually through internet searches, blog awards and other recruiting measures.

The influencer marketing strategy

As a professional influencer marketing agency, it is particularly important to us to take a strategic approach, but also to always think outside the box. The interplay between know-how and gut feeling is ultimately the key to mutual success.


  • Determining the status quo of editorial embedding in the social web, especially in forums, blogs and online offerings with thematic proximity
  • This status quo serves as a benchmark for the subsequent performance review
  • Success comes from friendly/personal contact with influencers with an affinity for the brand
  • The influencers with the widest reach and brand affinity are recruited for long-term collaborations
  • Increasing visibility and traffic for the influencer’s brand and platform
  • Exciting new brand content for influencers and readers
  • Feedback from influencers and readers serves as an early brand trend system


How does the collaboration between influencer marketing agency and client work?

1. Briefing:

We get to know each other in an initial meeting. We find out about your products and services as well as your wishes and ideas. The scope of the campaign should also be defined. What marketing budget is available? What reach would you like to achieve? Which forms of social media should be used?


2. Offer:

Based on your briefing, our influencer marketing team selects suitable multipliers for your message. You will receive all relevant information on suitable influencers. Once you have made a decision, the order is placed.


3. Planning:

As a customer, you will receive a detailed plan of the campaign process. The channels as well as the respective bloggers and postings are clearly listed for you.


4. Product shipment:

Would you like the selected influencers to present your product? Our influencer agency team is happy to take care of shipping from Berlin. However, you can also do this yourself if you wish.


5. Posting Briefing:

Our influencers are informed in detail about what requirements they should fulfill for the customer. Details such as product staging, hashtags, links etc. are clarified in advance.


6. Release:

Before the influencers publish the content, we send you the posts for review and approval. This allows us to ensure that only the desired content goes online.


7. Publication :

If you are satisfied with the content, it will be published by the multipliers and shared with followers on social media channels. From this point on, you benefit from the influencer’s reach and enjoy all the advantages that come with it.


8. Reporting:

As a professional agency, we do not end any influencer marketing campaign without a precise evaluation of the results. Success can thus be measured and evaluated on the basis of selected key figures.

What do you get from the influencer?

  • Multipliers test products or services as independent experts
  • Multipliers create editorial test reports/video reviews and report on their experiences and post them online
  • Objective: To publicize new products
  • Multipliers publish authentic reports/advertising texts about the brand in the usual editorial environment
  • Objective: Company information, new products, image topics etc. can be disseminated in this way
  • Addressing the moderators and most active users in forums relevant to the topic
  • Regular posts about brand-relevant content, no advertising texts!
  • Advantage: Content reaches an interested target group with an affinity for the topic
  • Multipliers draw positive attention
    on the brand (e.g. on Facebook)
  • Objective: The brand is talked about and gains new, interested and active fans

Influencer marketing with – Get in touch now! helps you to find high-quality and authentic influencers for your brand. Our influencer marketing team in Berlin always has its finger on the pulse and is passionate about developing a customized marketing mix campaign for your company.

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